About Us


Honey Tree Inheritance Consultants is a consulting firm dedicated to all matters relating to deceased estates and inheritances in Queensland.

Family Focussed
Our operating as a consulting firm and not a law firm gives us more flexibility to provide information more specifically to families attending to their own estate administrations. We take a non-legal approach because we understand that our clients prefer to keep the involvement of a law firm to a minimum during an estate administration to save costs and to stay in control of their inheritances. We aim to help our clients move forward and get tasks organised and to do that they need the ability to talk openly with us. We do not charge client contact fees and we welcome our clients to contact us.

Working Together
We work together with our clients because we believe most families are very capable and know the deceased more than most, but simply lack the experience that comes from years of industry experience in administering estates.

Legal Support
Where legal services are required we assist our clients by organising the best value legal service available from hand picked law firms combining our ability to organise our clients paperwork beforehand and to provide general information.

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